Hello, DoGooder.

Social DoGooder (so·cial do-good·er) : Someone who enjoys making a ‘gooder’ Tucson by doing good and being social.

We are a community of Tucsonans who seek to make the place in which we live a ‘gooder’ place. We create unique experiences by supporting and putting on charity events to make meaningful and authentic relationships between locals. We strive to make social media actually social (weird, right?) by taking our online community to the streets and turning liking and commenting into chatting and cheers-ing (it’s a word, okay?). We feature local artist products to showcase the talent right in our own backyard. All of these initiatives donate a percentage to local charities and causes. We do all of this with the best of intentions, the maximum amount of heart, and with the help of people like you. Oh, and sometimes we pop bottles and dance like no one is watching.